Fourth United Methodist Church
Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Reopening Considerations 5/28/2020
As we discuss and plan to reopen the church on June 7th for a 10 AM worship service, here is the rationale behind doing so.
1. Churches are considered essential services in PA. Churches are advised to follow all guidelines for precautionary measures and limit capacity to under 50%.
2. The PA Secretary of Health says that there are no specific requirements that churches cannot meet and advises to keep all safety orders. We are doing that.
3. This does not mean you have to come to church. We strongly recommend that those with existing health conditions and in high risk groups watch the service online.
Your church council members are taking extreme care in making sure the church is a safe place for you to be. To that end, here are some of the steps that will be in place:
1. Entering the church will take place through the Market Street doors. 
2. The sanctuary pews will be “taped” to allow for appropriate distancing. The ushers will assist you with where to sit.  We will be filling in the pews from the front to the back.
3. Masks: masks should be worn at all times while on church property. Note: a disposable mask will be provided if needed, before entering.
4. Sanitizer will be provided at the Market street entrances. Please use as you enter and exit.
5. Offering box. An offering box will be provided at the entrance. Please place your offering in the box before the church service.
6. Parking. Please maintain safe distancing in the parking lot when you are entering or exiting your vehicle. We encourage you to use the lot and save the Lehman Street parking for our members who need to park near the door. 
7. Doors: the doors to the building will open at 9:30 at which point they will be propped open. Please only use the doors that have been propped open.  
8. Children: Sadly at this time we will not be having JAM for our children.  Please make sure your children sit with their families during the service. 
9. Restrooms: The restrooms off the side of the sanctuary will be open.  We encourage you to use them only when necessary.
10. Cleaning crews: we will have crews that will wipe down the pews, doors, and restrooms after the service. 
11. Congregation – it will be good to see family and friends. Please congregate outside the building before and after the service.
12. Closed areas: At this it is the best interest of our congregation if we keep the rest of the building closed.
13. Prayer Requests: If you have a prayer request please place it in the offering box or feel free to contact the church office.