Fourth United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Gather to worship God, Grow to know God, Go to serve God

From the Pastor's Desk

A Note from the Senior Pastor

The apostle Paul reminds us that Christians are brand-new people on the inside. The Holy Spirit gives them new life, and they are not the same anymore. We are not reformed, rehabilitated, or reeducated—we are re-created (new creations), living in vital union with Christ. We are entering a new year. People make resolutions, and promise themselves to do this, to quit that, and to change their behavior, their attitudes, create challenges, and new hopes. However, how much of all these things are truly important in our inside, or are they just things that make us believe that we are changing? May the Lord guide us as we walk our first steps in this new year. Let us spend time in the inside things, or better called Spirit ones, as we dedicate this year to the Lord. Amen 


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